John Coltrane painting

This John Coltrane painting is a jazz artwork..In this piece Coltrane continues to explore his relationship with God..In the latter part of his career he became increasingly spiritual, winning the Pulitzer prize posthumously in 2007 for his extraordinary work..In this multi-media artwork staged in acrylic wash, pastel and pen & ink, Coltrane emanates the shimmering cascades of notes he was famous for..perhaps to capture the infinite glory of Our Lord..As a tribute to his love, both here on earth and in Heaven above, he penned these words: “The very thought of you makes my heart sing, like an April breeze on the wings of Spring..and you appear in all your splendor, my one and only love…”

     On canvas, HAND-PAINTED,
     Hand-signed, Varnished & Sealed
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