Boobis hails from a family of artists and musicians…His great grandfather wrote the “Hatikvah” – national anthem of Israel…and his father was the first American artist to do a national tour of the Soviet Union during the height of the cold war, culminating in a portrait of Lenin for the cover of  “Soviet Life.”   The elder Boobis has since passed away.

Currently, Boobis is the artist-in-residence at the famed “BLUENOTE” jazz club in New York City. Prior to that, he spent several years working with Art D’Lugoff at the historical “VILLAGE GATE,” doing multi-media rendering of their guest musicians. His paintings are featured at the “CENTRAL PARK SOUTH” gallery in midtown Manhattan, and the WARD NASSE GALLERY in downtown, Manhattan..SoHo, N.Y.C. His artwork has been a hit at the Newport Jazz Festival for the last several years.

Boobis began his career as a TV journalist – working for the Associated Press, Reuters, ABC-TV and NBC-TV. It was when he met his wife, Karen Kosdan, that he was subsequently convinced to heed the call of his heritage and go full-time into music and art. Boobis won songwriting awards from ASCAP and had a break-out single entitled ‘Riverside Drive.’ He also fronted a band known as ‘Kinesis’ – which released an album in Europe, and completed a Southern Tour of the United States. It was natural that at a certain point in his career Boobis would attempt to combine the 2 mediums of art and music, which flow through the blood of his family veins. The culmination of that concept was ‘Musical Visions‘ – which has had numerous solo exhibitions throughout New York and the rest of the country, including back in the day at the “CORNER Gallery” in the concourse of Manhattan’s WORLD TRADE CENTER.  The show has proved very popular with people from all walks of life, who relate to it on an instinctive and emotional level. Boobis covers the worlds of classical music, jazz, and rock – and brings his musical theme to statesmen whom he considered to be “musical orators” – like Kennedy and King – in the Resurrection series… His musical visions are also represented in nature, through “natural rhythm,” and the mind itself, through “inner rhythm.”

This Winter, a world-wide printing of Boobis’ jazz images is being released by the Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corporation (I.G.P.C.), an international stamp organization. The first issue will be distributed in the client nation of St. Vincent

Boobis was recently commissioned by ALVIN AILEY to do a series of dance paintings. And several years ago he had a one-man show in Newark, New Jersey sponsored and curated by jazz – radio WBGO at their Museum Headquarters. He has also had 2 one-man shows at the BERKELEY GALLERY on MADISON AVENUE in NYC. And Boobis was the first artist ever to have a one-man show at the NEW JERSEY PERFORMING ARTS CENTER (NJPAC), presented by the NEWARK ARTS COUNCIL (NAC). In addition, he recently exhibited at the SARATOGA PERFORMING ARTS CENTER (SPAC), and also had a one-man show at GRAND CENTRAL Vanderbilt Hall New York City. Most recently, he exhibited with Urban Space Management at Columbus Circle in Manhattan, in conjunction with JAZZ AT LINCOLN CENTER.


Musical Visions is ultimately a statement about the “oneness” of all mediums – and on its highest level the artist hopes its message is passionately spiritual, crossing all lines of race, color, sex, creed, and dimension…

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