Original Lithographs

The Original Lithographs

“I work in multi-media:
Acrylic, OilPastel, Airbrush and New Media.
Music is my heritage”

“It is my destiny to ‘paint’ music.” 
“I create the original painting and I make a lithograph of the piece. Each lithograph is then hand-colored, hand-signed,
and vividly detailed.
Every work is one of a kind.
Many of the musicians depicted have sat for me over the years, especially during my Village Gate period.
Some paintings have been rendered from life,
some from the imagination and others from variegated sources.
Over time, the lithography has evolved into an art form of its own, the original work on each piece taking it to an ever higher level of brilliance, energy, and expression.” 

Take advantage of this historical series now Boobis 2022, 
for in the future I will be doing prints only.

Enjoy!      The original lithographs are a celebration!

Barry Boobis

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